cvalid : ATM4 waveform processing software


Rob Russell [email: robbie.russell _at_ gmail dot com]


"cvalid" is used to take raw waveform data produced by the ATM4 series datasystems and produce "valid' type output for further processing. In order to be flexible, it uses an external configuration file (commonly called 'process.ini', but can be any filename) to set various parameters necessary for dealing with different kinds of data.

Basically, cvalid works like this:

It is called from the command line with the name of the configuration file. Additionally an option "--single" overrides the name of the data file specified in the configuration file (useful for scripting & processing several files in batch). The configuration file has several options. They allow cvalid to :

After setting up a configuration, cvalid will produce output that resembles the 12-word 'valid' format (unless the output type in the configuration is changed).

The class vobject does all of the real work; most of the other classes are simply support (linked list implementations and such). For an initial understanding of how it works, please look through the html documentation (or look at the vobject.h header file - but start with the html docs first).

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